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   Welcome to equestira! Welcome ponies of all ages! We hope you make tons of friends here, the only thing you need to watch out for is the dark magic hidden inside..
Name of your pony :
Gender :
Age ( Colt, adult ) :
Sybol ( Magic, Friends, Happiness etc ) :
Picture of his/her cutie mark :
Picture of your pony :

Name of your pony : Laria shine
Gender : Female
Age : Teenage
Sybol : Darkness
Picture of cutie mark : 
Picture of pony : 

Tim burton picture ( for ponies ) : COMING SOON! :3

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Name of your pony :  Valescar
Gender : Female
Age ( Colt, adult ) : filly
Sybol ( Magic, Friends, Happiness etc ) :Time
Picture of his/her cutie mark :

Cutie mark
Picture of your pony :

Valescar as filly with  her real colors

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A cute scene from Mad Father. Deal with it

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Cute Aya
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Pretty much like me and my OCs Big Grin
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Name: Cryselia
Gender: female
Age: tween
Symbol: space
Cutie mark: Astroids and stars in orbit
Pony: light purple fur and dark purple mane and tail with bright yellow eyes and a pearly white horn can control gravity and can open portals  to space or can use them to travel other places

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