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Wandering the Meadows (CLOSED)

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Mickey was almost too overwhelmed with the food, the nice food. He hadn’t had a hot meal like this in a long time, and he wouldn’t of had this if it weren’t for Lily more than likely. Every food looked delicious. Mickey had to wipe the drool forming in the corners of his mouth, he didn’t know what was better, the aroma or the sight and could hardly wait to taste, so he didn’t. He pulled a piece of the meat strips and stuffed it into his mouth, it was juicy and flavorful. “Don’t taste the food.” He warned, he wanted more and could hardly contain himself and knew Lily would too as he squeezed her hand back.



Flower gripped Francis’s arm with more strength than a typical girl could, “Did I ask for your opinion?” He pointing out her flaws enraged her, setting a fire in her that she couldn’t control, “Who do you think you are? Telling me what I’m doing wrong, pointing out me, you don’t know me, nothing gives you the right to even talk to me! Know your mistake, opening  your mouth after your parents made the mistake of birthing you!” She growled, a rumble from deep inside. Her hair starting to twist and curl the more she raged, and people began to notice and figure it out.


Mickey turned to see the scene being created, the ruckus was loud enough the entire restaurant began to turn heads. When Mickey saw Flower he could instantly tell she was a cast out due to influences, a wanderer by the way her hair twisted, and he wasn’t the only one. This made him grow tense, he and Lily being wanderers but why he couldn’t tell when he started to zone out, eyes turning colors much like they did when he was out in the snow.

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