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Rich With a Family, and a Big One- RP ATJ

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(Based off of "Yours, Mine, and Ours" [Movie]) So this is going to be my first Role Play that ive done in a while, so yeah. Rules and stats stuff!

Story line- Martin Johns is a retired war veteran. Janice Johns, his wife, is a movie star and a singer. They met during highschool, and ten years later at the reunion. Their dreams were similar. Both of them wanted to have a lot of kids. So they did. They live in a 4 story mansion in Los Angeles. With 10 kids.

Jayla - 18 - The oldest. Good girl, girly, is a dancer and a violin player. (twins with Lola). Has dark blonde hair and brown eyes.

Lola- 18 - The second oldest (2:00 difference). Is slightly girly, is a cheerleader, and a bookworm. Has golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Brayden- 16 - Is the most popular boy in his school, a soccer jock, and plays guitar. Has dark spiky hair and grey eyes.

Kale- 15 - A nerdy boy, but popular because well, his moms a movie star, and he and Brayden are best friends by choice. Has blond hair and blue eyes.

Morgan (girl)- 14 - Is your average rebellious teenager. Has a bad boy boyfriend and is always breaking some rules. Dark long hair with brown eyes. ME

Kyle- 14 - Is basically the same as morgan. Theyre also twins, and their personalities are the same. He has dark hair thats kind of long and stuff. Brown eyes.

Barry- 13 - Is basically your average 13 year old boy. Is bad with girls, unlucky, and slightly gross. (as far as 13 year old boys go.) Has dark blond hair and brown eyes.

Mitch - 12 - Is sporty, and your average preteen, i guess. Hes a gamer and is obsessed with hip hop music in particular. He has light brown hair.

Savannah- adopted, 14- is a fandom obsessed teenage girl with a liking for boy bands and youtube. Popular, and is influenced slightly by morgan.

Megyn- adopted, 7- is a girly, puppy and princess loving, sweet little girl. She takes after her older siblings and DOESNT know shes adopted.

RULES: You can change your charectar, but try to keep to the story line please. You have to ask to join, but dont worry, its only because its hard to keep track of everyone. I tend to leave kidzworld for short periods at a time, but just continue with out me. Everyone shares the parents. No god modding, please. Tell me if some ones bothering you by godmodding, and please be respectful to everyone. Backsies are allowed. smile 

Form if you wanna be a family friend/relative-

Family Name:
Richness/ Popularity (1-10):

Thats about it! Ill edit more in if needed. smile

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May I PLEASE be Megyn?!

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(May I join and be Kyle and Lola? If I can't be both then may I be Kyle?)

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( Can I be Savannah? Although change her name to Sam?)

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Could I join as Kale?

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can i be morgan?

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