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Anyone can join!!! You and the class is going on a summer trip to a lake house. Lets see how this one will turn out. 

Rules: Be nice to everyone
            You can be any character you want (plz be human no powers etc.)
            Romance allowed
           No deaths, violence is ok though
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Erwins speach

Marco half joke

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Name : Raven Saphhire
Gender: Female
Single, Crush, Taken: Single
Looks: Long black shinny hair with blond streaks  in ponytail, mint eyes, tan-ish skin
Personality: Odd, boastful, loyal,  easily tempered, brave, sneaky, and highly intelligent

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Name: Mason Alexander
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Single, Crush, Taken: Single
Looks: blahhh
Personality: Calm at times, out-spoken, weird, doesn't like braggers

Ah, I finally got around to returning. Only a year and a half later. Woo.

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