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Anime roleplay.

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September, 2013
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  - Plot -
   You and your family had just moved to this town. You never really wanted to move away from your hometown, leave your school, leave your friends, leave your home, leave about everything behind. You had just needed to cope with it. Just deal with the loss. Little did you know the adventure awaiting you beyond the sign saying ' Welcome to Redlake!'

Rules ( Read please )
Yaoi and Yuri is allowed. 
No taking romance to far ( OBVIOUSLY. )
Not too much gore.
You must know what anime is to join here.

Oh and by the way i need you to answer a quiz, it leads you up to different endings and friends.
- QUIZ -
1. Favorite color :
2. Favorite food :
3. Weapon of choice :
4. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
NOW. For the form.
Form :

Name :
Age :
Looks :
Family :
Old town :
Social status :
Favorite anime :
   Welcome to your new home.

Anime roleplay.

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May, 2013
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Favorite color: purple
favorite food: pizza
weapon of choice: dagger (idk I've always liked it)
if I were an animal: I would probably be like a bunny 

name: Gianna
looks:long hair died a light pink,wears funky socks and denim shorts (it's kinda her thing that she does)
family:she has two older brothers and lives with her aunt and uncle after her parents died in a car crash 
old town: Minneapolis MN
social status:she doesn't really have a social status she knows a lot of people but they're not really her friends. She normally just hangs out by herself
fave anime: uhm idk I like the host club but one piece is also really cool....don't judge my taste


i make no sense so deal with it

Anime roleplay.

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November, 2013
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(Here, if you allow twins)
1. Favorite color : Black- Pine Green
2. Favorite food : Shushi- Steak
3. Weapon of choice : A Dark Sword-Dager
4. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?: Wolf

Name : Mayumi "Raven" Inabina-  Masanori "Sirimus"Inabina
Age :  15
Looks : Mayumi has long parted hair simler to her favorite character Kageroza that is green while the other side is her natural color black. Her eyes are grey and her skin is pale. She wears long yellow robes with crimson swirls, black boots, and a soul amulet. - Masanori has short black hair. His eyes are the same as Mayumi and his skin is also pale. He often wears a grey shirit covered in a pine-green jaket with black braces, black boots, and a dragon amulet.
Family : Foster Parents, each other, might be the grandchildren of a talented scientst.
Old town :  They used to live in Dallas, TX
Social status : She can be mostly be social. Yet, she's shy at first, if she is close to someone she knows, she will be be less shy-  Unlike his sister, he is social with anyone he meets.He can even make time making friends.
Favorite anime : Bleach- Soul Eater

Siggy pic
A cute scene from Mad Father. Deal with it

Signature pic 22

Siggy 23
Cute Aya
Siggy 24
Siggy 25
Pretty much like me and my OCs Big Grin
"You know, Mary. If he did use that on you I would probley destroy him! I mean, they can't just weaken a Tallest-to-be."- Zim,

Anime roleplay.

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January, 2014
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Favorite Color- Teal
Favorite Food- Bacon
Weapon of Choice- Bladed Staff
If I was an animal I would be a Wild Horse because they are free and can do whatever they want

Name: Flovilus Xebulon
Age: 13
Looks: Me as a school girl in Japan
Family: Mom  (Dad died in war)
Old Town: New York
Social Status: Middle Class
Favorite Anime: Naruto

"The Naruto Rhyme" by Flovilus

Near-ato, Far-ato,
Where ever you are-ato
I know your a shining star-ato!

Anime roleplay.

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April, 2014
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1. Favorite color : Blues, Purples, Darker colors
2. Favorite food : Pork Buns/Pan Fried Dumplings
3. Weapon of choice : Daggers; because they are small and sharp, and easy to hide.
4. If you were an animal, what animal would you be? A mouse.

Name : Jadian Capper
Age : 13
Looks : (Being approved)
Family : Lives with only her mother, who works full time, so she doesn't see her much.
Old town : Portland, Maine
Social status : Loner/Artist. She is pretty shy around people and tends to like to be by herself most of the time.
Favorite anime : Personally, Soul Eater 

Anime roleplay.

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September, 2013
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(  all accepted. )

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