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Just Like You... I Guess. ( Open )

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mozly jennifer_1821111 Lock
mozly jennifer_1821111
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June 2011

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Posted over 2 years ago

Note: I will be the main character, and I just came up with this out of life experience. I am wearing my snap-back hat with my hair tied up inside my hat, sitting with my legs spread apart. Yes. I am a tomboy, and that changes me why? This is a roleplay just to see what other people would do if they were to see someone like this.

Topic: A girl, who is a tomboy is sitting in a house, and realizes, that she isn't that different from boys. Girls can be just like boys. There are differences but not major, although just one really, ( we all know ) so she decides that she will experiment and she tells her mom that she wants her hair cut shorter. Like pixie. She put on a snap-back hat, that hid her head and hair, and she did her eye lashes so it wasn't exactly like a girl, but more like a boys. She put on baggy clothes so no one saw her chest and she threw on baggy khaki pants and a too loose belt ( may be stereotypical, but for the sake of the roleplay, please don't complain ) She threw on a pair of boys high top converses. She sat criss-cross-applesauce, Normally. She thought about the way they sat. She opened her legs and she spread them apart. She slouched. She looked at herself in a mirror and thought about it. She was a true boy. The only thing she had to handle was her voice and attitude.

Will you see through the lie, or will you go along with it.

Please fill out the form. smile Meanings for down below.

Friend or Foe:

Name, obviously.
Age, please be somewhere around the ages of 14-17
Gender, obviously boy or girl. Or Female and Male, WHATEVER!
Friend Or Foe, whether you are friends with her or you know the whole lie and want to show her for her true self.
Personality, obviously.
Looks, I would prefer a picture, if not, a very detailed picture.

I will post the girls profile once someone else does hers.

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June 2011

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Posted over 2 years ago
Name: Jamie Gibson
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Friend or Foe: Foe
Personality: She's a very nice person, does well in school. She's very involved with music and theater. She always has a song in her head and a book in her hand. Although she is a foe, she is still nice to you (whatever your name will be), but she doesn't support you in your little experiment.
Looks: girl for rp

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