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The Young Heroes Program Mark 2 | Closed

Celebs cartoon
Posted 3 days ago

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(Excellent! Thank you!)

Bakura felt weird in this scenario. This form of reference was almost like to that of an inanimate object, which reminded her of Orion being given a lack of respect in terms of reference. "Nice to meet you." She said with a smile. If the others would talk about him rather than to him, then she at least would.

Loki watched, his mind starting to formulate how the first training session might appear. He half-hoped that the spirit would at least try to take over after the entire scene that happened earlier. Or a bare minimum of a dark energy explosion. The thought thrilled him so he forced himself to appear calm and relaxed about this, remaining silent.

Yami and Yugi Hugging!!
Best Collage Ever About Pharaoh/Yami/Atem!!
Ha Ha Ha! Seto would NEVER say this! That

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