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How to make a good roleplay. (YES I STOLE THIS FROM XxRuby_PheonixxX)

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Posted 10 months ago

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Step one.
Lyrics• Find a song that defines your role-play ultimately.
Footnote• I suggest pictures in between.
Footnote• I also suggest at signs (for feeling)

 ` `  Say I'm young, I don't care, I won't quit, no, no, no, ho` `♦

` `  Say I'm young, I don't care, I won't quit, no, no, no, ho` `♦

Step two.
Prompt• Basically the plot of your role-play (most important part, so don't poop on it.)
Footnote• I also suggest lyrics for this, too.
Footnote• A view of the story is pleasant in description, although I really must suggest a photo or gif for it. 

*credit to @XxRuby_PhoenixxX   *
* IF you would like to join it, i'll share it with you.*

` ` I got the magic in me ` ` 

` ` Everytime I touch that track it turns to gold ` `

Many say that witches don't exist. They are folklores, myths, legends. Most of the population believes this. The majority of people who don't believe in magic most likely think of it scientifically. Magic doesn't exist in science, but that doesn't mean it can't exist.


Far, far away, away from the population of The Normals, is a school isolated from any contact. To outsiders, it's an island with a volcano. But inside, to the students, is a school. A high school, in fact, for witches. Let me explain.


The school was created because of the Witch Hunt Of 1674. In 1673, a government secret was leaked about the Witches. There was an outrage, some real code is malejicis were mad that the government hid this from them and some were mad that the government let these 'monsters' exist.


In December of 1673, an organization called KTW. It stood for Kill The Witches. Finally, in June of 1674, the organization took one hundred of the strongest members and went on a sixteen day hunt to kill the witches. After the hunt, the government discovered how to wipe the minds of the citizens. They did this and soon, all the people in the world had no clue about the witches.


Twenty witches survived, which forced the government to create Violetclaw Academy, the school for the witches. They decided to make the students learn normal things, but also control their abilities and other things that came with being a witch.

Step Three.
Title• Do I really need to explain? Thats right.

Step Four
Form• The form that people will turn in when they join you're roleplay.


Clothing - Casual:
Clothing - Formal:
Clothing - Pajamas:
Clothing - Swimming:
Clothing - Other:
Color in hair:
Voice and accents:

(this is the most popular form all over kw.)

Step Five: 
Rules•I'll hand you my list of rules.

- Romance allowed all ages, mere kissing is fine. Not anything else. 
- If a newbie joins, we let them politely in, and we forgiving correct the if they're wrong. 
-My word is law
- No Mary Sues.

Step six:
You did it. You made a role-play. With my help, none the less. Now, *looks at post it button* DO IT.


We see them, why not be them?
♥Love, peace and hugs from Tomboy_♥

Posted 10 months ago

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Good advice for younger Roleplayers....but for Roleplayers like myself I like a deep plot with twists and violence but not pointless violence....I also take hours before even posting to think of Lore, Characters and twists even before it begins which can be a problem sometimes but most likely it's good to see that people are supporting the RP community XD peace out smile -H3LL

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Posted 10 months ago

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This is a good format, but not really what i'm used to and choosing one song to define my roleplays, is a bit difficult for me.  But, indeed, this is a good idea for the young new roleplayers but it shouldn't be a new community thing.

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