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Celebs cartoon
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` ` Children waiting for the day they feel good, ` `

` ` Happy birthday, happy birthday, ` `

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The Drakes have quite a history. From their earliest origins, they’ve always been resourceful, strong-willed, and determined. They built up quite a fortune, becoming rather well-known and even somewhat famous. However, legend says that several centuries ago, a jealous witch cursed the Drakes. Every Drake from now on would die of unnatural causes due to their own shortsightedness. Believe it or not, this came true. Possibly the placebo effect, or maybe the curse truly was real. 
As the family began to steadily shrink, steadfast patriarch Claus set off for America, hoping to escape the curse by leaving the country but still bringing his house with him. Mere yards from shore, the boat and the house crashed into a boulder, killing Claus. His daughter managed to swim to the surface with her husband, and so they built a new house for future Drakes, along with a graveyard. The family lived in relative normalcy for a little over two decades, when the deaths began again.
Although the family survived, the curse held true, most of the Drakes dying before adulthood. Again, Drakes died off gradually, leaving just one left by present day. After moving away, they decided to explore the house yet again, before a chandelier came crashing down on them. They woke up in the house, surrounded by several of their dead relatives. The past Drakes, now simply ghosts, greeted them. 
They must live in the house together, discovering the mysteries of the past, without ever leaving the grounds of the mansion. All of the fallen Drakes must work together to examine each and every branch of the Drake family tree. They must put the pieces of this bizarre puzzle together and finally put the curse to rest.

(This roleplay is rather strongly based off of the game What Remains of Edith Finch. And although I do recommend playing it simply because it's an amazing game, you need have no knowledge of the game to join this roleplay.)

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