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I decided to make this since I'm really getting into roleplaying a lot lately,and I really needed some practice to improve my skills furthermore.

I'll post everything you need to know here.

Plot :

Korvich Academy was one of most largest and successful institutions in all of America.Students were provided with a large space,an environment to suit everyone,and a decent curriculum.

Everything was going fine and well,until the outside world was thrown into chaos.Strange occurrences began to take place.As it was reported,animals broke out of their cages and started to ravage the streets.Civilians randomly went insane,and the sky seemingly turned red.

Korvich Academy was forced to close its doors,with all its students still inside.Panic induced.Students began crying for their safety,yet no one was allowed outside.

The following events take place 2 years later,with much of the population of the school still in despair.

Rules :

1. Subplots are allowed as long as they don't interfere with the main one (to a limit,minimal interference is okay.)

2. No trolling/spamming,please.

3. If you have any questions or suggestions,please DM me.That'll be appreciated.

4. Please use double brackets () for OOC,and text without parentheses for IC.

That's it for main stuff.If you want others to know who or what your OC is,you can just post a form,or you can just introduce them as we move the plot forward.

Anyone is free to join! Just DM me when you're ready.I'll most likely accept,since I am pretty non-judgmental when roleplaying.

Hope you enjoy this ride!


Eat, Sleep, Watch anime, Die.

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