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Posted 1 day ago
As Élodie took her seat near the front of the class she looked around, hoping for someone else to sit next to her. It was unusual for someone to want to sit at the top of the class, unless there were no other seats free. The few people who did most likely had bad eyesight or were new and had no friends to sit next to. Élodie hoped it was the latter. She wanted to get to know the new students before someone started to tease her again. Maybe then they would see her for who she really is. 

As everyone started to pick their seats and settle down, Élodie took a look through her bag for her Pecan Twist Pastry from the bakery. She had decided to save it and eat it just before class began. She hunted for it but it wasn’t there. “Maybe I dropped it…” she thought to herself. She took one more quick search. As she ruffled around the books in her bag, she found a small box at the bottom of one of the small pockets. She looked at it but didn’t recognise it. It had beautiful patterns on it but it wasn’t hers. She checked the clock again. 5 minutes until class started. She figured she had just enough time to run down to the office and ask the office woman to mind it until she had time to ask around. Élodie ran out of class and down the stairs, going two steps at a time and towards the office when she stopped. She didn’t even know what was in there. She opened it up and found the most beautiful anklet with a gorgeous butterfly charm in it. “Just quickly trying it on wouldn’t hurt,” she whispered. She slipped it on over here light leather shoes. She admired it greatly and was about to take it off when a huge ball of blue light appeared. Élodie was too terrified to scream. This didn’t follow the rules of science. “What have I done…” She silently cried to herself.

Virgo for love, 
Virgo for life!

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Posted about 21 hours ago
(I just remembered my character's bio...

When Makenna was 9 years old, her father died in a supposed "car crash" in London, never to be heard or spoken of again. Her mother died a few years later due to cancer, leaving orphan Makenna with her aunt and uncle in Paris. She frequently thought everything was her fault. 

Of course, about a month after her 14th birthday—her first day of school after moving—Makenna found a strange box inside her locker. (*Insert rest of RP here*)  )

Mermaids were here

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