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(May I have a managing and an engineering?)

I.... lost all the pictures I had here.

But... I...

I'll need a minute.

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[You may!]

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"fandom-in-reverse" wrote:


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(May i join and if so I have my char)

Name: Nialo Luz
Age: 36
Nationality: Russian 
Job: Lower deck security
Eye color: Chestnut brown
Hair color: brow

"Stick together and close"
A very protective man who cares and will do anything to make sure his friends make it out

"Well looks like he had fun"
will make jokes every now and then

agressive when in tense situations 

Appearance: Always Wears a biohazard/space suit letting him survive in space for one hour
(search up Advanced Warfare hazmat suit if you want to know what it looks like) 

Weapons: Crowbar, Tear gas, GLU gun and a shotgun
Neuro mods: Increased strength and stamina



can I have security plz

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