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​"All smiles, I know what it takes to fool this town."
"I'll do it 'til the sun goes down."
Name : Cora Lee Shea
Nickname :  ​Shea
​ Age : 40
Gender :  ​Female
​ Position : Managing/Leadership
​ Specialize in : N/A
​ Nationality : ​American
​ Sexuality : Straight
​ General Appearance :
Hair Color :  ​Blonde
Hair Style :  ​Buns
​ Eye Color :  ​Dark blue
​ Height : ​5' 5" // 165.1 cm
Weight :  ​135 lbs // 61.23 kgs
​ Accent :  ​New Yorker
Personality :
​​ "I put my armor on, show you how strong I am"-
Cora is a very independent person, not really relying on others unless she needs something. She works better on the sidelines, watching others from a distance and surveying what's needed. Cora tries to act as tough as possible, to make sure people will never underestimate her strength. She fears being seen as weak, and not being taken seriously. 

​" ​I won't give up"-
​She is very determinated, feeling confident in her abilities as a leader and a person. Cora is very stubborn, as well, and that can make things difficult. When she makes a decision, she expects cooperation and people to follow through. She believes that she's doing what's best for others, without considering the individual's preference.

" ​Someone tell me how to feel"-
Cora doesn't want her feelings to come up during work hours, or to mix the two. She doesn't see the need to be emotionally invested in things like work or studies. 
Weapons :  ​N/A
Skills :  ​Leadership, effective speaking, organization skills, violin playing

​ Bio : Cora was born in Queens, New York, to two parents. She had one older sister, who is a lawyer on Earth. Cora keeps in touch with her sister, but after a nasty divorce with her parents, she decided it was best not to contact either parent when heading to the ship. 
​ Family :
​-David Lee Shea, father
​-Kaitlynn Doris Shea, mother
​-Haley Evans Shae-Jacobs, sister
Do They Have Neuromods Installed? :  ​N/A
​ Likes :  ​Order, work, soft music, Chinese food
Dislikes :  ​Loud music, really spicy foods, laziness
​ Other ?:  N/A

​"I'll tell you what you want to hear,"

​"leave my sunglasses on while I shed a tear."

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