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blueboy11_1052002 Lock
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April 2008

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Posted almost 7 years ago
County Place is the most popular apartment in the city and a total of 25 people but the story will be centered on 6 friends(3 boys and 3 girls) where they live together and living their lives everyday..As the story goes on friendships get deeper and fights are created and unexpected relationships blooms unexpectedly.Will the teens stay friends forever or one place will change their lives forever? Application Post: Name: Age:18-20 Gender: Personality: Description: We will start when six are created and i will be the owner of the place but will never play here.It will only be mentioned but never seen. Have Fun!

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March 2009

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Posted almost 7 years ago
Name: Maddison Age:19 (I love being right smackdown in the middle) Gender: Girl Personality: Sweet, smart, a little bossy, and loves her horses. She is a loyal rancher, and if anyone changed that, they'd pay. If anything happened to her family, same thing. Sadly, she had to give up her horses to move in to the city, but shes glad they're safe with her grandma. Description: Red hair (long), Green eyes, white skin, 5"5 in height, blue jeans, and a tank top. Weight: 100lbs Edited by: true2myself on June 19 at 07:39 AM

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