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Sensor University is different from any school because the school lets the students create their own club.The story is about an unpopular/infamous club that everyone rants because of its unpopularity.The club has 5 member(3 boys and 2 girls).Until one day one girl changed their lives forever.The girl was a transferee from another school and decides to join the club and increase its popularity.They join every contest that the school helds to maximize they clubs popularity.Can the club achieve what they dream for or their lives will stay the same? Application Post Name: Age:15-17 Gender: Interests: Description Personality: The first to post the application post will be the girl who join the club and change the members lives.Therefore the roleplay will have 6 characters.

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Name: Makenzie Age:15 Gender: Girl Interests: Kingdom Hearts, TV, Fiction Description Long brown hair, blue eyes Personality:A kingdom Hearts junky, all to familiar with being new girl

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