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Sort of, kind of a plot. To be honest, there really isn't any. There's a ball, meaning there's probably going to be food, gossip, drama, and displays of extravagance. Have fun with it, and we'll see where it goes. If you have any plot ideas, feel free to comment me with them, and I will definitely consider them. Rules No fighting through 'ooc'. Please do use some form of ooc. Semi-literate, please. No Mary-Sues. No script roleplaying. Character Sheet Name - Age - Appearance/Description - Gender - Personality - History (optional) - Other - oyeh.

Posted almost 9 years ago

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Name - Mary-Sue.... Oh, wait, that's not allowed!! Grin Talia! Age - 14 Appearance/Description - Thin (not skinny, or anorexic, thin ), white (I'm sorry if you find that racist, somehow), long, very red hair, green eyes. Gender - She-male, girl, senorita, female, mademoiselle, etc. Personality - Can I not say this? I want it to be a surprise!!! History (optional) - Her mother died when she was 3, her father has been raising her, and been very strict, for fear of losing her, too. Other - She likes creamsicle swirl ice cream

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