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RobinHood .... (Rp)!

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May, 2009
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Hi everyone! I decided to do a RP on "RobinHood", a play. So most of you don't know what its about,so Ill tell you real quick. Based on the well-known English legend, Robin of Locksley is a noble who is forced to become an outlaw when Prince John the usurper tries to take the throne from his absent brother. He flees to Sherwood forest where he gathers together his Merry Men and is called Robin Hood. He begins to rob the rich and give back to the poor, the townsfolk that are heavily-taxed by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Meanwhile he still has to defend the throne, and woo Maid Marian. Characters: Robin Hood(Main) Alan-a-Dale Archer Auter a Bland Bishop of Hereford David of Doncaster Guy Of Gisboune Evanhoe John Of England Maid Marian(Main) MerryMen Much The MIller's Son Nasir Richard I Of England Richard At The Lee Sheirff Of Nottingham Will Stutely Friar Tuck Gilbert Whitehand Note: All spots do not have to be chosen. Only the one with "(Main)* does.

ILY, Eric,
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RobinHood .... (Rp)!

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May, 2009
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Maid Marian(Main) plz are you still on well there you go


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