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XxJoannaxX Lock
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June 2009

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Posted almost 7 years ago
This is About How BestFriends Each move But Keep in Cantact With each other By Email And Webcam. O And I forgot To Menchin They All Are Vampires. Okay Fill This Out And then Wait Till SomeOne Else Joines And E-mail them. Name: Joanna Age: 17 Lipstick: Black Shirt:My chemical Romance Black Shirt. Skirt:Plaine Black. Leggings:Black With Skulls. Eye Color:Light Pink And Light Blue.Each Eye Is A Different Color. Coffin:Black And Pink With Silk Padding And Pillows ANd Sticks All On it. Fang Sise: 1.4 In Personality: Nice And Caring. Bubby. Drinks Animal Bl[o][o]d Becouse parents Are Humans But Joanna Lives Alone Since She Moved To Romania. Shoes: Black And Pink Combat Boots And Gret HighTops.


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