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Gr33n4Eva_1173501 Lock
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December 2008

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Posted about 7 years ago
Story Hello, and welcome to your first year at Varsity State College! We offer the finest facilities, from university-standard science labs, to an amazing array of activities in the rec room, to a full sized tennis court, to an olympic size swimming pool and spa! Our school offers the finest education around, and has dozens of clubs and groups, we even have a camp, and a language trip to Europe planned for later in the year! So, what are you waiting for? ----- You're ready for your first year at Varsity College, and it's sure to be a big one! With out of school trips, and exciting lessons, not to mention the things that go on out of class, one thing is for certain; this will be one school you'll never forget! Creativity or Action Choices: (choose either one or two, if you choose two, you only do one science) - Art - Music - Drama Core Subjects: (you have to take all of these) - Math - English - P.E - History - Geography A second language (either french, italian or Spainish) Science Subjects: (choose one or two, depending on your other classes) - Chemistry - Physics - Biology - Astronomy Room Guide: -Student Block- Grounds(outside level 1): Spa and pool, as well as the small skate area and tennis/basketball/netball/general sports court. Level 1: Rec room, games room, and media room (which is pretty much a mini-cinema) Level 2: The girls and boys showers and toilets, as well as the sick bay. Level 3: Girls dorms Level 4: Boys dorms Level 5(roof): Gardens and deck chairs, as well as a basketball hoop East Side of School: Science labs, Library, and Gym. West Side of school: Art rooms, Drama rooms, thatre/assembly hall, Muisc Rooms. Front of School: Office and carparks. Back of School: Student Block Form Character Name: Age (14 - 17): Personality: Nationality: Classes: Looks: Other: Characters Character Name: Miranda Fitz Age (14 - 17): 15 Personality: Sarcastic, optimistic. Nationality: American Classes: Art, music, chemistry Looks: Long black hair, tight t shirts, skinny jeans and converse. Other: N/A Starting Point Our parents drop us off at the front gate of Varsity Collage - Your character can have a little chat and then the gates will open... eventually. Rules 1.) This is a LITERATE roleplay. You must use complete sentances as if you were writing a story, not little things like *runs to the group*. 2.) Do not go ahead of the story. Edited by: Gr33n4Eva on August 11 at 10:14 AM

"You make me sick because I adore you so;"Space Dementia, Muse Big Grin

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kalypso_1272041 Lock
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May 2009

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Posted about 7 years ago
Name:Jade Age:14 Personality: Shy, Different Nationality: African-American Classes: Art,Music,Chemistry Looks: Long jet black hair, Band t-shirts, tight dark pants and converse Other: is good at singing

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Random Person: ***looks at me as if I should belong in a mental hospital***

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