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in this roleplay you can become a character from any district. Only 2 people per district. no cussing. Don't make anything too gorey. have fun. be creative!

"so, how long have you been working for the juvey-cops?"

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Name: Trinity Campbell
Age: 12
Gender: girl
District: 11
Looks: Soft tan skin,skinny,emerald green eyes,auburn hair,freckles,wears black and lime green
all the time (not goth she just wears that okay!)
Training Score: 8
Skills: Sling shot,knives,sword,gathering,blending into trees,climbing,singing
Back Story: Saw a boy from district 12 named Davin and ever since she has had a crush on him
Siblings: Sister Lilly Zelma 17 years old

I love to role play I've been on here for 5 years. Please join some of my roleplays?

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Name: Ryana Cresta
Age: 17
Gender: F
District: 4 (Fishing)
Looks: profile picture, but with long golden-brow hair and dark brown eyes.
Training Score: 10
Skill{s}: Bow and arrows, tree climbing, knife throwing and spears.
Siblings: Her younger sister is Annie Cresta!

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Names Catilena but please call me KITTY! I'm 12 and you need to add me!


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My Idol and Role Model, ♥♥♫ Ariana Grande ♫♥♥

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gender: M
looks: black spiky hair and green eyes is very skinny. considering that he is in district 12 which is the poorest district. he likes to wear things that his mom sews for him beacause he has no choice
training score: 10.00
skills: clibing trees throwing knives and spears

district: 2
looks: blonde wavy hair with deep blue eyes loves to wear pink things. she comes from a popular district so she can wear whatever she wants and is liked by the capitol. tan skin shade and has a hour glass figure
training score: 10.00
skills: bow and arrow tree climbing spears and throwing knives.
other; she travels in the pack because she is district two.

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