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Before you get to the roleplaying part, Alcatraz is like a prison on an island somewhere, i dont know, filled to the brim with the worlds worst criminals. Serial killers, murderers, and other equally dangerous people go there. Just to be clear. How your story begins; When you wake up from the knockout drugs, you find yourself in a cold empty room.Drowsily you get up, and try the door, only there isn't any handles. On one side of the empty room is a window. You suddenly realize where you are. Your in jail. You run to the window, banging on it, screaming "I haven't done anything wrong! Theres been some horrible mistake!" You start to cry, when theres a loud BEEP! "Your sentence has been determined. You will spend 10 years in Alcatraz, in order of the Government and United Nations. In a moment you will be escorted to your cell. Wait a few minutes please." There's another loud beep, then silence. You suddenly realize the seriousness of the situation. You have been transported to Alcatraz, home of gruesome serial killers and ruthless murderers. By some mistake they have thought you to be a cold blooded killer, having done who-knows-what. As you back away from the window, you hear a loud sniff coming from the corner of the room. When you turn around, you realize for the 2nd time that there are other kids in the room, about the same age. You ask them why were all here, but none of them knew. And even though we hardly knew one another, we had one sole purpose: to break out of Alcatraz. You all decide to work as a team. Just then theres a click, then the knob is turned. But you and your team mates are ready... Your character needs to have: -Name -Age -Personality -Friends -Weapon (taser,gun,bat)  Standard Rules: - write normally, n0t lyke dis -has to be appropriate -you can end up not escaping alcatraz, but escaping it would be funner HAVE FUN, GOOD LUCK

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