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August, 2012

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Ok, the plot is:

You were on a giant boat, going on a cruise with your friends, when there was a terrible storm. The boat tipped over, and 4 life boats were dropped. 3 people can fit in a lifeboat, and there are a lot of supplies and life jackets on the boat. You also brought some things with you, and you think you are ready for the trip. But you can never be ready, for what is to come.

Ok, that was a little bit epic, but ok haha, well anyway, Here are the life boats:

Boat one- 3 boys: All open.
Boat two- 3 boys: All open.
Boat three- 3 Girls: All Open.
Boat four- 3 girls: Me, open, open.

Kay rules now. smile -

No tlkn lk dis.
No babies, babies are bad! (lol im a freak)
Dont be very innapropriate.

Thats it, do anything else, except for the golden rules smile-

Please, IF IM OFF DONT DO TOO MUCH WITHOUT ME! XD I'll have abandonment issues if you do. Frown
If I'm not on, if I ask someone to be in charge, don't be mad, well take turns. smile
Oh, and if I tell you to tweak something, or say you can't join, deal with it, nothing more I can say. It's not that I don't like you, Okay?

I don't care about language, or stuff like that, because of the filter. So yeah! do what ya want Big Grin. (that is of course if it doesnt say not to. smile )

I like PewdiePie

Hes hawt

see whatta mean?

Marzia is hawt too

perfect couple :P

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MOTBS_2299819 Lock
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November, 2012

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Can I be in? Here is my character:

17 y/o girl, looks like the classic spoiled rich kid, but she nearly never talks. She has very wide eyes and is always staring at the ground, and jumps when people talk to her. Tall, skinny, straight black hair, and somewhat pale.

Can't wait smile

*You wanna know what the most important part of a joke is?
^Sure, what's the mo-

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Blind Faith
Blind Faith
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October, 2012

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Oh Oh! Can I join too???
Okay. My character would be:
A comedic 16 year old named Zoey who is very brave and talented.
She is barely shy and doesn't usually get mad or angry. (Comedic meaning funny).

Jeffery and Darrel

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