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Tattoo Ideas?

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November, 2012
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Okay I'm 16 and I've been thinking recently that I should get a tattoo. There is no dress code or rules against tattoos or piercings where I work and go to school so covering up is not an issue. I want my whole arm done. No not all at once. I kind of have an idea of how it would look and what I want but I'm not so sure. I know I want my parents name to be near my shoulder but I just don't want it to be just their names, I want it to be special maybe with some type of design around it. I'm a pretty good artist but I'd like to see if someone can help so If you're good artist than I'd like to see some of your designs. I also would like it to be big and colorful. Nothing religious either. I want other tattoos but I want this one to be my first.

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Tattoo Ideas?

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December, 2011
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Get an ankle or wrist tattoo



Tattoo Ideas?

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November, 2011
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In my opinion, I don't think it is the best idea to be getting a tatoo, especially one that covers your entire arm.
But if you do want to get a tatoo, it would be best to get a small one for now. Move onto bigger things when your older.


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