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Anime Help!!!!!!!!

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March, 2012
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Gah! They don't have a tab for anime. Ugh. Anyway for you people I need suggestions on some great series. I'm a girl, normally I'm not the romance type but I love it in anime (Shoujo). Here are some that I've watched and loved.
Ouran High School Host Club
Special A
Fruits Basket
Yumeiro Patissiere
Yumeiro Patissiere Professional
Full Moon Wo Sagashite (Watching currently)
Peach Girl
I like these genres
Shoujo ai
Slice of Life is okay and so is a little action and supernatural

I hope that you guys come up with some suggestions.

Lily-luv ya's

Anime Help!!!!!!!!

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June, 2011
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I'm not very good with suggestions because I haven't watched much anime, but I'd definitely recommend K-ON or Sugar Sugar Rune.

K-ON is more of a slice of life thing, but its still pretty funny and interesting anyhow.
Sugar Sugar Rune is sort of a romance/school thing where these two witches have to collect hearts or something, its been a long time since I've seen it but it is really really awesome. (I read the manga for it first, but the anime has a slightly different ending, so I've heard)


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