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Sterio types

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February, 2013
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okay so this topic comes up alot when im around so i just wana know some of the sterio types you guys know know dont get mad please! but i know 4-5 so here they are (just what they about) Jersey ppl, red heads, asians, guys feet/raise (dont ask) okay so i just wana know how many sterio types you guys know but only what they about and please dont think im being rude its just a big topic i hear ppl talking about latley


Sterio types

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October, 2012
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" Black people love watermelon"
"All black people are good at basketball"
"All black people are tall"

none of that applies to me even though i'm black and it's annoying whenever people say that so i hit them in the face and throw them into an easy-bake oven.

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Sterio types

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January, 2013
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All Germans have blond hair and blue eyes,  All Russian people drink V for breakfast.  All Americans are Fat.  All Asians cant drive.  All British cant cook. All Italians or French are bad at War.  All Blacks are aggressive.  All Whites are rich.  Now I can go on forever but then again they are just Stereotypes.                                                                        


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