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lulu lollypop
lulu lollypop
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March 2012

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Posted over 3 years ago
So i'm planning to cover about 78 haunted places in kent and some scary stories i have heard. In each post i will write every haunted place in that part and then 1 scary stories mainly not about that place, So let's get started. I'm going to start with maidstone.

The three Vicar's daughter's

Lesley Bridger was walking her dog lulu through the graveyard.  Lulu stopped suddenly and whimpered. She saw the fingers of three girls dressed in victorian clothes. As they strolled she realised they were hovering above the ground. She came closer to take another look but strangely they had dissapeared.  She went to inspect the place they had dissapeared and found a gravestone. The inscripation told of three vicar's daughters that had all dies in the same week.

The ghost of Bluebell hill

It i s said there is a ghost haunting bluebell hill. The story is there was a soon to be wife who had gone out with her two other friends to find a wedding dress. On there way back they ran across a road where all three of them got ran other.  Many people have seen her figure running out in front of cars at night, claming she stared hard at them when they run her other.  Some people have even claimed to have felt a bump when driving and when they got out of there car to look nothing was there not even a speed bump!

The weeping ghost of West Kent Hospital

A night duty officer has claimed dog hearing sobs coming from the hospital and also the nurses. Sadly, no one has discovered what happened so we will never know the reason for her heart broken weep.

Scary story time YAY!!!!

Slick slack slide.

A mum and son had got back from camping in there back yard. When they got in the son ###### ## the TV to the news. The presenter said

The slick slack slide muderer is on the loose lock all you doors and windows. As soon as the Mum and Son had done that. The mum tucked the boy nto bed and said goodnight. The boy heard a slick slack slide and called for his mum, The mum said it was proberley your imagination. The boy then woke up a second time hearing a slick slack slide this time louder. He called or his mum. His mum said if you call me one more time your sleeping outside in the tent. The boy then woke up a thrd time to a slick slack slide this time so loud it could be next to him. He called for his mum and the mum said your sleeping outside. When it was mornng and the mum went 0ut to collect the boy the boy had his leg cut off.

The slick slake slide muderer was in an aslym and had his legs cutn of to stop him from mudering he would have to axes one in each hand to pull him across the ground.


I love one direction
My favourite is Niall Horan.
Thank you for reading

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July 2011

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Posted over 3 years ago
That's scary! D:
I think I'm gonna have a NIGHTMARE AGAIN. D:

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Baby260_1746383 Lock
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April 2011

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Posted over 3 years ago

Very scary.

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