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HeyThereImJames_1559767 Lock
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July, 2010
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1. Feb 2010.
2. Through a friend.
3. It looks pretty cool.
4. I love it!
5. My friends, the chat + the forums.
6. So many. GEM106 PARTIES!
7. Nothing I can think of.
8. A lot.
9. It varies + very long.
10. Talk to friends or post.
11. It's awesome!
12.  Wink Nose
14.  No.
15. About 3 years.
16. Yes.

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January, 2013
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1: In january 2:I typed social networks for kids 3: I liked it but thought it was kinda girly 4: Great, I like it better now 5: Chat 6:  I remember finally having a good alternatve for ######## ## it has most of what i want but I think it needs a feature where you could send a message to all of your friends at once 8: I am on here a few times a week in 2 hour sessions, i try to do more 9: see 8 10: using chat 11: I prefer their old reward system 12: I only use the smiley face 14: I mainly go on general and music threads and why is there no 13 15: 6 months 16: I dont know

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ice cream girl
ice cream girl
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July, 2012
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1. when did you join kidzworld?
2. how did you find it?
3. what was your first thought?
4. what do you think about kidzworld now?
5. whats your favourite thing about kidzworld? 
6. do you have any good memories, if so what are they?
7. do they have everything you want on here, if not any suggestions?
8. how much time do you spend on here? 
9. what times do you usually go online and how long do you usually spend after that? 
10. when you're on KW what do you usually do?
11. what do you think about their newish feature "the rewards program?" 
12. do you use the smileys? if so what are your favourites?
14. if you post in forums do you have a favourite thread? 
15. how long have you been on KW?
16. will you stay on KW until you're 18?

1.Somewhere in July,2012..
2.I typed kids chatroom
3.Why is my picture a blank girl in a pink backround???
4.its the awesomest website EVER.
5.All my friends,and the forums
6.I have lots,but I don't remember them that well
7.Yes,everythings awesome here
8.Mabey about 3 to 4 hours..
9.Its different all the time if im tired I probably wont go online until mabey 11 am or something
10.Comment my friends,play the games,and quests..
11.its really awesome..
12.Somtimes my favorite is Devil
13.i like slap the keyboard
14.a year
15.Probably not


oh hi 

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August, 2011
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1. August 2011
2. By searching something like "forums for kids" on Google
3. "yay I don't need to be 13 years old"
4. It's a good website with an alright community.
5. The forums.
6. I have many good memories of making friends with awesome people
7. Yeah, I guess so.
8. Usually 30 min to 1 hour daily if there is anything interesting.
9. Early morning or late afternoon.
10. Comment people or post in the forums.
11. It can get addicting at times. xD
12. XD and :3
13. WHERE DID 13 GO?
14. Slap the Keyboard
15. 1 year and 11 months
16. Most likely yes.

ur mem

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February, 2012
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i forgot how to count Cool Grin

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October, 2011
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1: I really don't know..good question. 2: I was really bored and search "social websites for kids". ( on google ) 3: I thought it was pretty cool, I had to ask my mother if I could make an account and it took me a few to confince her. 4: Its not the same.. :'c 5: Bio, fonts, size, color, marque. 6: My friends, and RPs.(too lazy to explain) 7: Sure. 8: Barely anytime this is my first time back on here in a while.: 9: Dunno. :3 10: Talk yo friends 11: Never seen it. 12: No they are stupid. 14: I'm everywhere but I like General and Poems & Stories. 15: I don't know, like 3 yrs? 16: Yes, if that makes you happy.


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June, 2013
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1.  Last month
2 I've heard the name a few times, and someone finally convinced me to try it.
3.  I thought it was creepy.
4 I love it.
5.  Forums!
6.  Gem106 parties on chat :3
7.  Sure, it's cool the way it is.
8.   I'm not sure. A lot.
9.  Morning, lunch time, evening after supper.
10. Forums, chat, comment people, write blogs, post pictures.
11. I don't really care for it.
12.   Clown  Devil  Big Grin
14.  I just like the general forums a lot. 
15. Maybe a month at the most.
16. Yes!

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June, 2013
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1. Hm I think I joined like more than a month ago (I had a different account)
2. My friend Teeda showed me this site and I thought I should give it a try.
3. At first, I thought it was going to be a dumb site, but it's not. c: I love it.
4. Now I think everyone should join & have fun with it.
5. I love meeting new people, making friends, being in the chat and etc.
6. Hm..Yes, but my brain isn't functioning right now xD It's actually when everyone makes me smile with their jokes.
7. None.
8. Sometimes I spend hours and hours if I'm bored, but now I'm getting busier :c
9. I come online randomly if I'm bored cx and I just go if I'm even bored than that.
10. When I'm on KW I would just talk to my loving friends & meet new friends everday.
11. I think it's pretty cool c: More coinssss.
12. I use it sometimes c; The most I like is ... Grin Aha Cute 
14. Hm, I don't really have favorite, I just press on any.
15. I've been on KW More than a month that's all I know c;
16. Yes. I love this site & I hope I do.


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