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How to make a good film

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May, 2013
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this is a film tutorial on how to make a good film!!
What you need:
A good camera
A Set
Editing Software 
Computer to type your script. 
1. go under your menu on your computer and look for Microsoft Word 2003 or 2010. 
2. Hit  Tab on your Keyboard. Hit: Bold, Italic, and underline to type your title.
3. Next, type your characters in any font you want. 
4. type Scene 1 to describe your scene instead of doing like it all together and divide them into as many scenes as you want by doing Bold Italic and underline. 
5. Make Props. You can add characters. if you want a robot movie, you can simply use a can and use some plastic bottle caps! 
6. make the scene! If you want a wildlife scene, you can use stuff from outside. if you want a moon scene, use a pen and paper to draw the moon and you can make astronauts walking on the moon with paper, pen, card board, and a plastic bottle cap.
7. have some action in your film. If your film has action, people will watch it online and say in the comments: Good Film. How did you make such a good film?
8. Rehearse your script over and over again. 
9. film your movie with a good camera on a day when you are bored. 
10. Edit your video with an editing Software. 
Well, that is how to make a good film!!

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How to make a good film

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uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh thats a lot of stuff

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