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I wasn't sure where to put this post as there are no topics that relate to this!
On November 1st, I will be starting home schooling. I was taken out of public school due to some issues that could not be resolved. One of the many issues that could not be resolved was major bullying issue.
I am very excited about being home schooled and I will be taught by my aunt who has a degree in teaching. She will be coming to live with us and part of living with us is that she will home school me and my two younger brothers. My older sister is out of school already and in college. This has been a long process, and where I live, you have to get approval from the board of education so that they can approve it to make sure that I will receive the same education as I would receive in public school!
Sorry to be long winded about this, but I posted this cause I wanna know if anyone else is home schooled and how is it going being home schooled?

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