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So let me start from the beginning, I met these girls about a month ago and we became instant friends. So they started telling me about all their other friends. And one of them is a guy, lets call him bri (idk just something random) so they told me about how bri is a player and he has played every girl he's met, and I finally met Bri like 5 days ago, and he seemed to really take some interest in me, and he started flirting and I was being rude because I didn't wanna get played. So the next day came and he still was flirting and I apologized for being rude and my friend told me this is the very first time she has seen him act like this around a girl,and well, it shocked me, so I started asking his best friend if its all a plan to play me and he said "no he likes you" and so I slowly started opening up to him and acting myself and so I started messing with him and like took his hat and ran away and I told him to catch it and he didn't chase me at first and then after a few times he did and I threw his hat at him and ran again xD and he caught me and put the hat on me and like held me.. Everyone who saw us was asking if we are dating but we weren't and it seems like Bri is trying really hard to make me go out with him.. My friends were like really shocked they all said this is the first time I have ever seen him act this way towards a girl, and since the day I met Bri he's been so clingy to me, but my dad hates him so it's hard to be able to hang out with him because my dad is like a person that pops out of nowhere. So I have become touchy again, and today Bri was talking to my friends while I was inside doing chores and he said "She's playing really hard to get" and so now I think he's starting to not like me anymore, and I have feelings for him, I just don't want to date him because I don't want my dad to find out, otherwise I would be in serious trouble, but I don't want to push Bri away because I'm scared he's gonna move on. What am I supposed to do. I don't wanna lose Bri, but I don't want to risk being caught hanging out with someone I'm not even supposed to. Bri suggested he tries talking to my dad, but I don't think that will work because for some reason my dad hates him, and idk why? I'm still scared of being played, but I don't want to lose him.. I do like him, I'm just scared.. Anyone have advice for me.? Please

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