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should i get a nose piercing?

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January, 2014
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I wouldn't. I don't need my dad giving me the silent treatment.

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should i get a nose piercing?

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November, 2013
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It depends on age really. I mean is this something you want? A hole in your nose? Something there permanent that will never ever go away. Singer's have them yes, but for purposes, it's their style. I would suggest you wait until you're 18. You can than do whatever you want. Honestly in a few year's you'll look back and say "I wish I never had gotten that nose ring." or something like that. Cause what if the guy or girl you marry doesn't like that one thing and calls you out. You'll regret getting it than. I would wait though, making a big choice like that does impact your life in a few ways you know. Than again this is your life, so do as you please.

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