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Mario VS Sonic

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Posted over 4 years ago
BEGIN Mario: YahOOOO, it's a me, about to make you pay Watch out sonic the super mario'c coming your way. While you were eating chilli dogs and saving the world again. I was collecting my coins and an Bowser destroying mission to attend. Bouncing through the levels, going through loads of pipes. Unlike sonic 06 my games live up to the hype. I will be crushin your games since my debut on the wii. And my first ever movie in 1993. Sonic: I didn't hear what you said because i was dashing through the town Im like the popular guy when your the silly class clown. Running through the green hill finishing in time. Get back to plumbing toilet's when you can't even rhyme. Generations was big hit unlike super Mario 64 Im sure super Mario 3 was really a bore. Where do i stick these ring's? I stick em straight in luigi's ***. destroying Nintendo since sonic 3D Blast. Mario: Stop talking rubbish when you can't even deny everything SEGA has said is a big *** lie. Don't blame E.T for making the videogame market fall. It was just sonic the hedgehog 3 really, that was all. I bet SEGA can't even give you the speed to take me out. nothing is now effective, all you can do is shout. I will destroy you and your friends with an arrow to your knee your games are as good, as the TV show Glee. *Sonic turn's super* Super Sonic: Stop with the rhymes they are as horrible as one direction. I will blast right through you like a bad injection, princess peach wasn't there because she was going out with me. The only time you will win is when valve announces episode three. It's time for your end, sonic won without any hassle, Sorry mario but your princess is in another castle .  

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