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i went out for basketball this year and my coaches are CRAZY! they make us run for like half a practice. if anybody knows what suicides are we had to run 10 of them yesterday. and 6 today. then we had to run up and down the full court today 8 times! and the boys that are in basketball dont even know what suicides are! and were in 7th grade and the boys should have to run more. they run less than the girls do! if your coaches run you like how my coaches run me post back and if u dont have to run at all post back.

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sup... i have 2 run suicides 2! but the ymake u bettr. trust me! i run Cross Country also and i play bball. ive gotten twice as fast than i wuz last yeer! u need to think about the advantages u will hav:

1. you will b faster than the boys teem (btw: im in 7th 2!)

2. you will b more fisically fit.

3. you will b less lazy (most boys are already lazy...)


u rok and i hope u get faster by the end of yer season!



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We don''t have to do suicides, but when we do free-throws, even if we don''t miss it, we have to go up and down the court 3 times same with layups. I hate it! But, I guess it''s the only way we''ll get better.



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WHIMP! we had to run like 20 (seriously not kinding) suicides, cuz we goofed off Lolz then we had to run the rest of practice basicly we run so much NOT kiding

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