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i have problems in basketball especially under the basket ..nid advice here

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Posted almost 11 years ago

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Default girl
i am in my school''s basketball team and i''ve always miss a lot of points espcially under the basket..any advice ?

Posted over 10 years ago

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just keep on practicing and try to play basketball with your friends you''ll get it soon.

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Posted over 10 years ago

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i play basketball and u just have to keep trying and practicing. the 1st year i played i didn''t get many points but we got to the championships!! and i scored the winning basket!!!

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well, u can''t exactly get a clear shot under the basket, just butt ur way out where you can get a clear shot or pass and / or / dribble. u just gotta get more practicein , ask a friend for help, ask teh coach for advice. etc

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Posted over 10 years ago

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I play basketball too. When I first started playing post- I sucked. Like someone else said, if you''re right under the basket with no backboard, take a dribble and push people out of the way. Then xxx for the corner of the square on the backboard. if you hit that, it goes in almost every time. Practice helps a lot too. Good luck. smile

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Posted over 10 years ago

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first you post up, put one foot on the block.  Now when you recieve the entrie pass hold on to the ball tight so they dont hit it out.next use your pivot foot and fake one way then quikely turn the other way and shoot the ball at the square remember always turn twoard the basket and if you are not close enough, take a power dribble so you can get closer to the hoop.


   If you are still having trouble ask you choach or trainer.

good luck!


you will make more shots if you rent a shooting video that will help you with your form. 

Posted about 10 years ago

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ey so do i but when u get to the court shoot b4 anyone gets there, i improved doing that so much! I like couldnt shoot at all and now i am like shoting at 3 pointer XD

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Posted about 10 years ago

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Just have funny and do as best as you can like I do and I know how you feel.

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Posted almost 10 years ago

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Default guy


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