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Celebs cartoon
Posted about 7 years ago

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those are the best what do you think of em? have you seen them? GIRLS- Dont you think that the Portman is WOW?

Stupid boys, TRUCKS are for GIRLS!

Posted over 6 years ago
You know Gordon Bombay in the mighty ducks movies? Well he's my dad. The actor. NO JOKE


Posted almost 4 years ago

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Wow cool I love those movies I have seen all of them from start to finish. 

Friend me if u like dragonball Z, digimon, winx club, and yugioh. If u dont u can still friend me.

Go jaden yuki from yugioh gx. I love slifer the sky dragon and dark magician from yugioh.
I am the best digimon fan ever.

Posted over 1 year ago

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OMGoodness love them! Well, all but the 3rd one...franchise ruiner quite frankly........The 1st is best obviously and then D2

Clemont: Ash don't mind me for asking but do you even know where the Santalune gym is located?

Ash: Of course I don't!

Pokemon: The Series XY Episode 5

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