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Lame, stupid topic, I know. But do any of you out there tutor others? If so what?

I always said the thing that meant the most to me was my very INTEGRITY

Chasing her around
As she screams
Breaking the silence
Enveloping her home.

Tearing through the dining room
Smashing the glass door
As she hurries to escape
The frights in her mind

Kicking and flailing her arms
Trapped in her head
In the nightmare
That is her life.

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I kind of tutor someone... not really though. I help my sister, use a stronger vocabulary, teach her stuff I know. But it doesn''t really count. I''d be really bad at tutoring...

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''And the record won''t stop skipping,
And the lies won''t stop slipping,
And besides my rexxxxions on the line.''
~~Summer Song~~ ~~FOB~~

SHAY''S LIZARD... know that, and fear it.

The way he feels inside, those thoughts I can''t deny, these sleeping dogs won''t lie, and all I''ve tried to hide, it''s eating me apart, trace this line back.
~~AAR~~ ~~Dirty Little Secret~~

''The best part of Believe is the Lie'' ~Pete W.~

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I use to tutor some dude and we actually became friends, but then his dad ended up to be a big jerk and him an even bigger jerk who got me in huge trouble with the police. So now, I don''t tutor nobody but my brother, which is impossible to do anyways.


Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.

I can''t help myself let alone you

I''m a dreamer with nothing left to dream
Trying to tear a hole in the seam of reality

Posted over 12 years ago

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I dont tutor me and my friends switch homework. Like social studies for math and do it

I am talent
Andres, boo IMM .... FoReVeR YoUrS

Please, don''t hate

....Haters this is what i got to say: I love you too

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