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Need Math and Physics Help...

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Posted almost 13 years ago

Posted By:

Default guy
Posts: 591

Here''s a question from my theory class.

".9~ = 1" True or False?

Well, if you consider that 1/3 = .3~, so therefore (3)1/3 = .9~ ? But, as you all know, 3/3 = 1.

From there, I can say that although .99~ does not equal 1, but the concept of the number does.

Would I be correct in my conclusion?

And for math, I forget the equation for a line, y=mx+b.. Is that it?

Also, for astro physics I''m having problems with my Big Bang equation.

[(E=MC^3)D4^2(DCoolM(H)E^-3] [1^-43(C)] = Big Bang

That seems to show how the ten dimensional Universe split into eight, then four.

Can someone check my math?

Posted over 12 years ago

Posted By:

Default guy
Posts: 591

Anyone? My physics professor is off for the summer. None of my friends take the Advanced Cosmological Physics course, so they can''t check my work.

I''ve updated my formula a bit.

[(E=MC^3)D4^2(DCoolM(H)E^-2] [1^-43(C)] ^ [-4] = Big Bang ?
[(10)^-4] [(Cool^-8]

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