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Anyone Good At Math??

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September, 2010
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PLEASE I NEED MATH HELP!! 6x Table Quiz Score: 68 Out Of 100 7x Table Quiz Score: 85 Out Of 100 PLEASE HELP!

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Anyone Good At Math??

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May, 2010
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I'm good at it. 6x1=6 6x2=12 6x3=18 6x4=24 6x5=30 6x6=36 6x7=42 6x8=48 6x9=54 6x10=60 6x11=66 6x12=72 7x1=7 7x2=14 7x3=21 7x4=28 7x5=35 7x6=42 7x7=49 7x8=56 7x9=63 7x10=70 7x11=77 7x12=84

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