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Blood leaving the 1.____ is rich in oxygen. It enters the left side of the heart. It enters the left side of the heart through the 2.____. Then blood is collected by the 3.____. Once the left atrium is full, the valve called the bicuspid will open and the blood with oxygen flows to the 4.____. The blood in this chamber will be pumped to the 5.____ passing the aortic valve. Systemic arteries will carry the blood to the smaller arteries termed as 6.____ where they meet with the capillaries of the spleen. There, oxygen is unloaded and carbon dioxide is carried by the blood. Deoxygenated blood will travel in the smaller veins called 7.____ then to the inferior vena cava entering the right atrium through the 8._____. Then the blood flows to the 9._____ passing the tricuspid valve. 10._____ will open so that blood can pass through the pulmonary artery and blood can enter the lungs.

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