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Hi smile, I was wondering if anyone knew the differences between covalent bonds, ionic bonds, and polar covalent bonds. I kind of got the idea that a compound is ionic if the sharing is (10-90) above or equal to 1.5, but I'm not sure if that's the only thing that determines the bond. Here's one of my homework problems: Which of the following have ionic bonds? a. Hg b. NaF c. SO d. LiBr Atm, I'm thinking the answers are B & D, but I'm still not to sure, all help is appreciated! Big Grin

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Let me help smile Iconic bond-bond in which one or more electrons from one atom are removed and attached to another atom, resulting in positive and negative ions which attract each other. Covelant bond- one or more pairs of electrons are shared by two atoms Polar Covelant bond- a tpye of covelant bond. It's a bond between two non-metals with different electronegatives. The higher the difference in electronegativity, the more polar the bond is. The answer is B

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