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Polar bear report: need help!

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December, 2011
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Ok, so I need to fill a report about polar bears, but I don't know what facts to write! Here are the categories I have to fill: body parts Body coverings Behaviors

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Polar bear report: need help!

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Ima Belieber
Ima Belieber
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July, 2011
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They can go into immediate hibernation when food is scarce. They don't get lost.....and thts all i know

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Polar bear report: need help!

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March, 2011
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·        The light color of the polar bear’s fur helps to conceal against the ice. When hunting, polar bears often try to hide their black nose with their paws.·        Polar bears have strong legs which helps them swim, and enables them to catch their prey.·        Polar bears have up to eleven centimeters of fat (blubber) on their bodies, to insulate their bodies so they can endure the arctic climate.·        The skin underneath a polar bears fur is black to retain heat, so that the species can cope easily with the day-to-day weather.·        Polar bears have large feet that they use like paddles in the water or snowshoes on snow, and their short solid claws are designed to help them move around on the snow and ice.·        They have small growths on the pads of their feet called papillae. Papillae increase the friction on the snow and ice, so that they can walk with ease. 

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