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This is for some stuff from seventh grade that I don't remember. 1) Why did Europeans organize themselves into a system of feaudalism? 2) What neighboring tribes invaded the Roman Empire? 3) Describe the weakness of the Roman Empire that started in the second century. 4) What Frankish leader took over the area of Gaul? *short answers please! Help is appreciated

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1 -  Because of a need for security when a strong central government was not in place to provide it, and this was the condition of much of Europe of the Middle Ages. Some of the elements of feudalism were established during the Roman Empire. The elements involved a feudal pyramid of power, and the manorial system, with the serfs at the lowest level, provided a foundation for the rest of the system of power. 2 - Germany tribes. 3 - > Political transition of power from emperor to emperor. >  Lack of decisiveness to extend the empire beyond the Danube after long lasting Marcomannic wars. 4 - Glovis I.

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