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March 2011

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Posted over 3 years ago
i hate school! im in 6th grade. i am working on a "letter" to my dad from "3400 BC) from Mesopotamia. my grade for the marking period so far is 100, but i hate this class. what should i write? this is what i have so far. it has to include the geography of Mesopotamia, rivers, cities, mountains, etc ; a greeting, salution, ending, etc. dear daddy, i am on my trip in Mesopotamia now. its really hot here. it rained yesterday, but that's okay. Kenny and i were playing in the Tigris river nearby. the Tigris and Euphrates river run through present day Iraq, in case you didn't know that already.  we met a man who we call crop. he is a farmer, who uses irrigation to water his crops. he grows things such as barley, which Kenny and i might of taken a little bit of. we also visited the town of Babylon, the capital of Babylonia. We took a little trip around Mesopotamia on our rented camel. We also stopped at a little bazaar in Assyria. How is that? can you help me finish this letter?

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-Allie- Lock
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August 2008

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Posted about 2 years ago
Thread from one year ago. Please do not bump such old threads.


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