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Riddles and riddles

Posted By:
viki3-l Lock
Member since:
January 2007

Posts: 30
Posted about 11 years ago
Answer this:

There are only two islands int the whole world and both are surrounded by sharks in the water. On the first island, there is a guy with a little rock next to him and there is nothing else on the island. On the other island, there is a monkey and next to the monkey is a banana tree that''s full of bananas. The guy wants to eat a banana. So how does he get a banana when the bananas are on the other island?

ANWERR: The guy will get the rock and hit the monkey with it and the monkey will get a banana and try to hit the guy. The guy will simpely catch the banana and eat it, clever huh.

So what do you think of this riddle?

To my friendzzzz:

Hey ppl, whatz up?

Posted By:
kidi_461530 Lock
Member since:
January 2007

Posts: 2
Posted about 11 years ago
nice meswsage huh


THINKS THATS COOLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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