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Default girl
1. Why did the penguin cross the road?
Because the panguin on the other side had salsa.

2. What is black and white and red all over?
A penguin addicted to salsa.

3. How many penguins does it take to xxxxx in a lightbulb?
One, if you offer hime some salsa.

4. A donkey walks into the bar and the bartender says, "Why the long face"
and the donkey replies " My penguin friend is all out of salsa."

5. Knock Knock
Whose there?
A penguin
A penguin who?
A penguin who loves salsa.

6. What happens if you put all of the salsa in Antartica
March of the Penguins

Those were taken from Mad magazine.

o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O


You want me to take the eardbuds out and turn off my iPod?

You want me to STOP
listening to music?

haha... you''re funny


They all cheat at cards and the checkers are lost,
My cellmate''s a killer, they made me do push-ups in drag
But nobody cares if you''re losing yourself I losing myself?!
Well, I miss my mom,
Will they give me the chair,
Or lethal injection, or swing from a rope if you darex
Ah, nobody knows...all the trouble I''ve seen!

Um... yeah


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Heck yes for the Penguins and Salsa! =]

Music is worthless unless it can make a
complete stranger
break down & cry.

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Default girl
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dude march of the penguins is the worst movie ever. we were watching it in spanish xi dont know why, it was in english) but now we are watching Home Alone 2 xin spansih) but we might watch Selena

The Truth- for Destiny''s Child

I love you guys! You have no idea. I would kill to see you guys! I have all your CDs and DVDs! All I want is a chance to meet the 3 women who truly inspire me. You''re music reflects my personality. I wouldn''t have as much love for our Heavenly Father without you. I know that he has helped a long the way but you three have been so strong, everyone knows it. As you say "This is for them haters that said we wouldn''t make it, now we doing platinum and now you cant take it.." you truly have shown the world the true meaning of friendship, love, and music. I am inspired by you three women. I love you guys! Keep on doing what you do best, even if it''s solo. No one can take away your beauty, voice, kindness, loyalty, and music. You guys deserve all the fame that you have. You have worked your butts of to get where you''re at. If for some reason you run out of fans and go down on the charts...just now that in the world you will always have a fan by the

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Default girl
ooh i read that one!! well no i didn''t..but let''s pretend i did!!


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