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Ha Ha Ha!

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January, 2007
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Little Jimmy went up to his teacher and said, teacher! Cody and Susie are going out! and his teacher said how do you know? Jimmy said, Because their doing the Big F!His teacher gasps in shock. Jimmy says, THEY''RE FLLIRTING!!!

~~How Sweet To Be An Idiot

665 Neighbor Of The Beast

Oh my god! They Killed Kenny! You B.......!!!

*If Abercrombie and Fitch said it wasn''t cool to breathe anymore, ninety-two percent of people would believe it. If you''re one of the eight percent that would laugh, put this in your sig.

I think there''s only 1 fruit cake in the whole world, and everyone keeps re- gifting it.Johnny Carson

One More Thing... Live From Ney York It''s Saurday Night!

Ha Ha Ha!

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ClanDestineForever Lock
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January, 2007
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I don''t get it...

xx Don''t make somebody your EVERYTHING because when they are gone you have NOTHING xx

Ha Ha Ha!

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January, 2007
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lol nice..


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