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hey everyone wants to know the chat icons right well i got 64 of them right here. Make sure to print or copy these down that way you can have them all.

:dr1 :bulb Disappointedvil smile :ch :n :x :tw :lo :dr3 :dr2 smile :cf
Tongue Outup :busta :atom :dr1 :cp7 O :bird :bear :s :usf :uf :bf :E :hr :hr :bwl :gar :guitar :rfr1 :rfr2 :rfr3 :dbz2 :50
:anim9 :anim1 :anim3 :anim4 :anim5 :anim8 :sun :fa :di :jes :tt :yb :dol :hm :hb :hh :hx :hp :cat1 :sf :cp2 :cp1 :cp3
:cp4 :cp6 :cp8 :tig

There are all 64 of my chat icons hope you like them.

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Don't work, see?


There's a ninja somewhere in this signiture...

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