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Yo mama is so dumb, she tried playing 'Got your Nose' with Lord Voldamort!! XD You mama is so fat, when she sat on a quarter, a booger popped out of George Washington's nose!!! XD Yo mama is so fat, when her beeper goes off people think she's backing up! Yo mama is so fat, when she goes to the movies, she sits beside EVERYONE! :3 Yo mama is so fat, when she goes in a restaurant, she looks at the menu and says, "Okay." You mama is so fat, she has to iron her pants on the drive way. Yo mama is so old, I told her to act her own age, she died. Yo mama is so fat that she puts her lipstick on with a paint-roller. Yo mama is so fat that to pull down her pants to get in her pocket!! Yo mama is so fat you have to take a train and two buses just to get on her GOOD side. Yo mama is so fat she has to wake up in sections! Yo mama is so fat she put on some DVD's and by the time shegot them down the spelled Boulevard! Yo mama is so fat, the National Weather gives a name to each one of her farts!! Yo mama is so ugly, there going to move Halloween to her birthday!! Yo mama is so ugly, she makes unions cry. Yo mama is so ugly she went to the beauty shop and it took three hours to for an aspirin!! Yo mama is so ugly when she  goes to the beach, cats try to put sand on her! Yo mama is so old, when she was in school, they didn't have History!!! Big Grin    Yo mama is is so 

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Real Name: Chloe

Age: Thirteen

Favorites: Unicorns, wolves, kittens, friends, turtles, haters, reading, books, fried chicken, tacos, pokemon, Nyan Cat, Tac Nayn, and much more. o___o

Question: What does does it take to make me smile?

Answer: You find that out yourself.

Peace Loser

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yo mama so stupid she go trick  or treating on labor day with a tutu on look like E.t . yo mama so fat Kung Fu Panda say damn  i gotta gain some weight yo mama so old when she was born she was the only pe rson on earth! yo mama so ugly when she put on makeup the makeup osay damn! girl u ugly and jump off her face yo mama so poor she be chasing the garbage truck wit a grocery list yo mama so desperate she dated a trash can!! yo mama so dirty they always taking her to the homeless shelter when she aint even homeless yo mama so  crazy she be chasing poor little kids down the street with a chain saw wit no clothes on!!!!!!!!!!!

Caution: CUTENESS heheheh XD cute alert!ashuntae me! Tongue Out don't hate me of my cuteness hehehe
MY GRAPHIC NO STEALING! aww isn't she cute
im a RAndom girl yes im a random girl
im random yes yes im random ; P
but heck thats just me Wink

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yo mama so fat when she got her ears peirced with a harpoon yo mama so fat when she comes out in a yellow shirt people yell taxi yo mama so fat when she tans people yell free willy!

shot me out of the sky cuz your my kryptonite
thats what he said to me before he left meh
whats wrong she asked nothing i said i know nothing is
big gurlz dont cry remember that you will get over him

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