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long but funny story joke

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OK, here it is:      3 girls were walking on the beach and an air plain passes over them while mistakenly dropping a banana. One girl gets hit in the head with it and starts crying  while the others didn't notice and kept walking. A cute boy sees the girl and asks her why she's crying. She told him a banana fell from the sky and hit her on the head and he left. While the other 2 girls were waking the plain came again and dropped a coconut on one of the girls and she started crying. The same boy sees her and asks her why she's crying. She told him a coconut fell from the sky and hit her on the head and he left,confused again. Now, the 3rd girl was just across he street from her house when she accidentaly farted. At the exact same moment the plain passed by and dropped a bomb on her house! The girl looked for a second and started laughing.The same boy saw her and asked her why she was laughing. She said " I farted and my house blew up!" and she kept laughing.

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