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Ping pong ball(must read)

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On a 1st birthday of baby father gave him ping pong ball! then for second birthday he asked to his  what does he want? child said he want ping pong ball! so father gave him a ping pong ball! On third birthday father asked his child about gift! once again same think! child told that he want ping pong ball! Father gave him a ping pong ball.On 4th birthday of child father asked him abt gift! child said he want ping pong ball.father gave him ping pong ball.On 5th birthday father asked the child abt gift once again child demanded for a ping pong ball! father gave him.On 6th birthday of that child father asked abt gift! once again child demanded for a ping pong ball.On 8th 9th 10 th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17 th 18th 19th 20th 21st  22nd 23rd 25th birthday same thing happen! child demanded for a ping pong ball n father gave him! on 26 th birthday father asked his son that why he demanded only ping pong ball as a birthday present? His son said dad come 2 my home then I will tell you! then dad said ok! then dad get ready to drive his son's home. while driving to his sons house dad was thinking about reason behind these ping pong ball.and while driving his car crashed to one tree.and father died! Moral of my story is dont think abt other things while driving .it could be dangerous! smile Wink  smile Big Grin Big Grin Devil Devil ha ha ha!!!!


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