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Rise And Shine - Rain rain wont go away cloud on my head every single day this pain pain goes right inside breaking me down till i just cry little bully wants to play hits me every singe pain pain go right inside guess I'll just have to let it slide drain drain all my life why cant i just stop this strife rain rain wont go away cloud on my head every single day beat on another kid but not on me rain rain wont go away cloud on my head every single day these games games that you play eventually I'll get up and say no no not this time i'm taking back what is mine.WITH THIS FAITH WE WILL BE ABLE TO TRANSFORM THE JANGALING DISCORDS OF OUR NATION INTO A BEUTIFUL SYMPHONY OF BROTHERHOOD WITH THIS FAITH WE WILL BE ABLE TO WORK together ,to Wink Tongue-ray TOGETHER TO STRUGGLE TOGETHER TO GO TO JAIL TOGETHER TO STAND UP FOR FREEDOM TOGETHER KNOOWING THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO SING WITH NEW MEANING. Stand up and take whats mine insecurities is what you're trying to hide i dont care for the things that you say i know that you're just one step away from breaking down pick yourself up off the ground i know that you are better than this Open you're eyes now is the time to rise up with darkness we'll still shine Idolized and Despised wrong or right we'll make it through to the other side


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Blood On The Dance Floor is the worst band I have ever heard in my life.

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